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Arnold Joseph

Throughout life I’ve been blessed with depression, social acceptance, anxiety, massive heart break, abandonment, bullying, physical and verbal abuse, addiction, struggles of being a young father & a whole lot more! Why blessed you say? Because our journey through troubled waters will make us into better captains of our vessel, our life. The human spirit. Your decisions will create your conditions! 

I love helping people, and I know that when my time comes that I will lay in peace knowing I changed the lives of many and helped them understand my aspect on how I overcame these things. 


My purpose in life is to help people, it gives me a sense of fulfilment and purpose. I’m just a normal guy who loves the ocean, fishing and the faith that humanity can one day live in peace. My name is Arnold Joseph, and this is my story..

Arnold Joseph
Aerial Photo of an Ocean

Beau Walker

Beau is a sponsored surfer from Byron Bay who was privileged enough to Captain for the Australian Surf Team, finishing 5th at the World Surfing Titles. He then moved on to a television career that saw him on a successful kids TV show for numerous years both nationally and internationally. Beau then found himself in the hair industry and quickly became one of the top sales professionals in his field. Beau has a strong passion for building relationships and has a sales driven mindset.


7 years ago, Beau discovered Meditation after being diagnosed with severe anxiety & depression, where he taught himself techniques on overcoming and living with these experiences.


Today Beau has it managed and is always chatting to others going though something similar, sharing his story and assuring others that there is a big bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Aerial Photo of an Ocean

Nigel Millgate

My name is Nigel Millgate. I am a proud Ngemba Karulkiyalu man (stone people & speakers of Wangaapuwan language) but grew up in the rural community of Dubbo NSW. My family are the traditional owners of our ancestral lands.


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to study at Newcastle University and work within Aboriginal communities across Australia for the past 10 years. I've worked in services such as Aboriginal employment, housing and in the last 6 years as Aboriginal Program Coordinator delivering a youth suicide prevention program to young Aboriginal men in schools, juvenile justice centres and the Glen Rehabilitation Centre on the Central Coast, Newcastle and regions across NSW.


When not working Nige enjoys hunting, fishing & recently got into spearfishing. He also finds being around the water calming and a place for him to just take it all in.

Aerial Photo of an Ocean
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